I do like seagulls

Abby McBride knows seagulls, and many other things. Kathleen Rooney has some things to say about sharks. So does Herman Melville. Philip Kennicott tells you everything you need to know about viewing art, and also life.


The Portland Triangle

A weekend trip to Portland included a visit to the International Cryptozoological Museum and its impressive collection of mysterious creatures. Just stay out of the equally mysterious kitchen, which is for staff only. Just a few blocks away at the Portland Museum of Art, Nessie and the Sasquatch were conspicuously absent from an otherwise impressive Richard Estes exhibition. Also of note: Sunday Mass at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, a morning run around Mackworth Island, an expedition the Eastern Promenade in search of staghorn sumac, and of course Shakespeare in the Park, or As You Like It. The small plastic shark stuck in a tree in the Eastern Cemetery remains unexplained.